Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Health Freak: The Broccoli Incident

Have you ever steamed broccoli before?

On yet another domestic culinary escapade, I decided to have steamed broccoli for lunch. Uncharacteristically, I didn't even search for any recipes online.

So I got out a stalk of broccoli and handled it awkwardly for a moment, wondering if this was a good idea. Finally I mustered up my confidence.

Washed it, chopped it, laid it out on a plate, and garnished it with whatever condiments I found lying about. Popped it into the wok, put the lid on, and got the heat going.

Next came the wait and the nail-biting.

Gee, I've absolutely no idea how long to steam it. After about 7min of watching the steam escape from the sides, I hesistantly opened the lid, careful not to drip condensation off the lid into the broccoli.

And there it was, a wonderfully steaming plate of broccoli. Glowing a healthy green and soaking in its clear juices, a warm, savoury bouquet of garlic and olive oil beckoned me.

I began to feel good about myself.

With a fork, I tested how the soft the broccoli was. It yielded a lot more easily than I thought it would - a good sign!

I lifted the entire plate out of the wok and placed it on the table, and tucked it immediately.

I've to admit, I was a little sceptical about how it would taste at first, expecting it to taste quite bland and... vegetable-like.

But I was pleasantly surprised as I popped the first morsel in. It was hot and quite fragrant. A tad crunchy at the stalk but flaky at the ends. And the garlic and pepper added a nice brilliance to it.

As I took another bite, I felt immensely healthy. The thought of all the antioxidants I was getting only hastened my meal.

Mmmm... Steamed broccoli...


Anonymous said...

And you insist that you're no metrosexual... *snort*



Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm. . .. I love steamed broccoli too! i tend to give it a small pinch of salt . .. its like the ultimate snack . . just munch .. munch . . . munch . . . while doing anything . .. ..