Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Our Brave New World

Well, finally succumbed to the blog-mania and started my own. But what a depressing first blog this is gonna be...

As G & I were driving to NUS today, we heard on BBC about the beheading of an American in Iraq. On air, a voice which I thought was Bush's was quoted saying that this barbarous act shows the difference between Americans and terrorists. Both G & I scoffed - me inwardly, her verbally. This is holier-than-thou tug-of-war... whose God is greater? Allah or Democracy?

News reports of the Iraqi prisoner abuses having been going on for a week now. Yet it's odd how I actually felt my insides churn as I read the article abt the beheading, but didn't feel much even after having read so much abt the prison abuse acts (or for that matter, the ambush and corpse-dragging of the 4 American contractors). While the typical apathetic S'porean in me shrugs it off, I mentally commented to myself tt this was a necessary by-product of war - abuse during interogation of POW's is necessary to extract important information. Gee, this severely mal-informed judgement scares me. But I wonder how many out there echo this response of mine.

A commentary in monday's Straits Times repeated the question asked in 1945 "whether former US president Harry S. Truman would have used the atom bomb if Japan had been white". A few days ago on CNA, an Arab man asked what if the abused were Americans instead. Yeah, what if? But perhaps we'll simply get used to hearing more reports abt Americans or foreigners in Iraq getting tortured/murdered/slaughtered the way we always have to everything else. Life goes on right?

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