Wednesday, June 30, 2004

6 Days in Green

Day 1: In-Processing

Catching up with army friends. Many look rounder (and most tell me I look thinner).

Funnily, everyone's hardly changed. Talking in the same way (some more Hokkien) and joking in the same crude humour that manifests only in the presence of pure testosterone.

The old-bird reservists are amazingly slack and bo-chup. My kind of company.

Day 2: Combat Jump

I grabbed fear by the balls.

Today's training included a jump off a 5m high platform over a 4m deep swimming pool. Almost didn't want to jump.

As I stood up there at the edge looking down, I felt dread welling up inside of me. Threatening to paralyze me, fear almost gripped my very being. But I grabbed it by the balls: yelled out my IC number, took 1 step forward, and plunged straight down.

The next thing I knew, I was a couple of meters in the water. Wasn't so bad after all, and I actually didn't mind going again. Of course I didn't.

Day 3: IPPT

Got gold! Jumped 238cm for SBJ (a personal best!) and ran 9m13s (not a personal best :) $400 richer and feeling happy and accomplished.

G: It literally pays to be fit.

Quite amazed that I managed to run so fast, kudos to the sergeant with whom I'd agreed to be each other's pacer.

*flashback to start of run* Fellow pacer broke at intense sprint and left me eating his dust 6 seconds behind

I'm sure I could have beat him. It's mind over matter.

Day 4: Nothing Memorable

Boring boring boring...

Must have lost 1million neurons that day.

Day 5: Naviation Exercise on Scramblers

Fell off a motorbike in lim chu kang during a navigation exercise. Received 3 minor cuts above my eye, and a bruise below my armpit.

I was the pillion rider and barely knew what was happening, except that my friend had lost control of our bike while going up a steep slope. Was feeling shitty for a while that I was suffering for the mistake of another person. But no, I don't blame my friend; accidents happen.

Moral of the story: if you're driving other people, whether in a car of on a motorbike, be responsible. Too many stories of riders who survive, but their pillion passengers didn't.

Day 6: Out-Processing

I hate waiting. I hate bureacracy.

There's no place like home. There's nothing like home-cooked food and a loving mother to nag at you.


Nick said...

Did u see winston low kong fai there? Met him at Tiong Bahru. He was at the seven eleven buying snacks on the way home while i was waiting for gf to catch 80 days ard the world. Think Weiwah went back on that time frame too.

Xaiver said...

Hi yah

Sorrie abt the cuts. Really din mean for the accident to happen.

You know the circumstances leading to it but on hindsight, I could not have made it up the slope. I was on gear 4 and they were on gear 3. If their engine died, I can confirm that our engine will have died too and the fall inevitable. Only consolation is that we fell on the grass and not on the concrete