Thursday, July 29, 2004

Disappointing Innocence

An article in today's ST reported the result of a recent round of balloting for places in primary schools. The print edition displays a photo of a father holding his 6yo daughter with the caption:

"It's disappointment for some, like this father consoling his little girl, who was among the 32 names that were not picked out of the ballot box at CHIJ (Toa Payoh) yesterday."

Now how can a child at such a tender age experience the kind of profound disappointment that is implied by this caption?

A year ago a segment on the evening news also reported on balloting results and they showed a young boy saying how disappointed he is because he lost a chance to get into a good school yada yada.

As G points out, these children are simply told by their parents that they have to get into these schools because of the excellent track record of producing good students yada yada. But I doubt they really understand, at 6yo, how a lack of a good education and conducive environment would impact them in their early and especially vulnerable developmental stages.

Instead of ending the article with "ACS (Junior) had to disappoint 45 boys...", I say it should be corrected to read "...had to disappoint the hopeful and eager parents of the 45 boys".

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