Thursday, August 26, 2004

Caffeine Breeds Impatience

I feel terrible. This morning, while standing in line at the ATM, impatience and irk was oozing out of my very pores.

The fella at the machine was making some complex transaction and so was taking a while, reading the menu and hesitantly pressing the buttons.

There I was, rapping my fingers, shifting about restlessly, and breathing out audibly.

What had began as another great morning with coffee and tau-huey was turning into a frustrating and seemingly endless 3minute long wait. The humid weather wasn't helping.

My face was as black as a toilet-cleaning auntie who followed an offending stench to its source.

When the fella was done, he half-turned to me and grinned apologetically while weakly gesturing to the machine. I smiled back - hope it came out right.

Now, I feel terrible. What if that was some big-shot professor visiting Singapore for the first time? What if I just cost the economy a huge research project, critical for biopolis' staffing needs??

I blame it on caffeine and too much sugar.


Lemming said...

Bullocks to the economy lah....

tshush said...

Haha... wow, that's sounds like pessimism in the extreme. But I understand your guilty pangs. I feel impatient whenever I drive and sometimes I accelerate just so that the car next to me can't cut in. But after I get out of the car, I always feel shitty abt myself. Imagine I was the one trying to cut in... I would be thinking wat a bozo....