Saturday, August 21, 2004

Ed Updates

As you can tell, haven't been posting much.

Because I've started work (finally).

Just can't bring myself to face the computer at the end of the day.

Got mobilized today. There went half my saturday - just as I was settling in for a lazy afternoon nap, then came the phone call. At least I got to catch up with my army friends.

One guy was particularly reluctant to reveal his salary at his first job. Usually I refrain from asking people unless I know them well enough. But the more he didn't want to tell us, the more we wanted to know. And then? He's making about the same as the rest of us.

Money matters? Of course. Does it matter the most? *ponder*

Before I left the house, I told my dad "bao3 jia1 wei4 guo2" (chinese for protect my country).

Been sick too. Tonsils have been swollen. Seems there's a bug passing round the office. There goes productivity.

As you can also see, this blog looks different now. Had some technical difficulties while tweaking the blog template. Dropped tech support an email but nothing. HMPH.

Just rambling...

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