Friday, August 27, 2004

Party Till Thirty?

My colleague met a Caucasian lady in the lift a few days ago. She had just gone grocery shopping at Cold Storage and her trolley was filled with diapers.

You know how friendly these Ang Moh's usually are. So she remarked to him, "my trolley used to be filled with beer and party-ware."

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Lemming said...

Reminds me of the SATC (Sex and the City) S1 episode when the foursome went to the Hamptons to visit an old collegue and she went from party-wild to domesticated mother...the visit sparked off the wild side of the mother again and she tried to get back into the party scene...which only embarassed the fat and old post-natal woman. Thank God I'm a man =P

It's interesting how ang mohs here can fill up their trolleys till it overflows with grocers....they seem to shop as if there's no tomorrow. Paranoia?