Monday, August 23, 2004

Sniffles and the A-Word

A flu bug was definitely passing round the office. One by one, my colleagues succumbed, as I could tell by the empty cubicles and the repeated coughing and sniffling.

Even I was not spared! I wonder if I was the super-infector...

Into my fourth week of work and my third monday at work. Over the days, I've met with friends and to anyone who asks what I'm doing, I tersely say the A-word - admin.

This probably isn't the best place to gripe and grouse, but so far my corporate cubicle life definitely hasn't been all that exciting. I can't wait to see more action, I told one friend.

But just as I settled into another day of work, I received a couple of abrupt lessons in the way of life and team spirit.

To cut things short, the first has got to do with Ownership, Initiative & Team Spirit. That is, I owned something, I took the initiative, but seemed to have trampled on team spirit - something that I've yet to experience.

The second is Timeliness and Resting on my Laurels. Suffice to say that timeliness IS important.

Enough of staring at the computer already... this geek's going blind.

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