Saturday, August 28, 2004

Women, In-Trays and Nose Clips

Every now and then, the deafening quiet in the office is briefly upset by a buzz of activity, sometimes excitement.

This time the source of it was my colleague who innocently asked me if I had set up my in-tray myself. I didn't.

Her next line begged for rescue, "I'm struggling."

Thus went forth the gallant hero to save the day.

Unfortunately this gallant hero's biceps were stumped by a stubborn plastic contraption that refused to be assembled.

While my persistence eventually conquered 1 tray, my colleague had gone off to seek help from another colleague whom we thought might have more experience with insubordinate office stationery.

Unfortuntely she too had to seek someone else with brute strength and who better to turn to in this critical time of need than the man who provides security 24/7... the security guard.

As I passed the trio in their business, I laughed and yelled to the instigator of today's episode, "You have 3 people fussing over you!"

A short while later, I remarked to my colleague, "now you know why men should get more privileges & benefits."

Her rebuttal? Men were given brute's strength to service women.

I eventually concluded the subtly charged conversation with "a blog for another time".

And that time started about 30 lines ago.

I'm no misogynist nor chauvinist so I ain't gonna start a woman-bashing session here.

In fact, I love women! Well, before those who know me start giving me grief about that last statement, I'll just clarify by reiterating the fact that women are good and definitely much better than men are at certain things.

And if there's a list of things women are good at, these 3 items would be near the top: the first 2 are child bearing and motherhood which obviously need no further explanation.

The second would be synchronized swimming, as the fabulous women from the Russian Federation demonstrated yesterday despite a technical glitch occuring just after starting their routine.

In my opinion, the biggest challenge in this sport is having to keep a smile plastered on your face while displaying genuine enjoyment AND struggling to breathe AND maintain movements synchronized with not 1, not 2 but 7 other team mates.

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