Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Home Sweet Home

Apologies to all ardent fans out there. Ed has been too busy/tired to post anything. Finally, some time to ramble...

Life's been good.

In case you aren't my enamoured devotee, I was at Tsinghua University, Beijing at an academia-oriented conference in mid October. T'was a great experience and a very fruitful trip - and I don't mean the shopping.

It being an international conference, I got to meet people from across 13 countries. And that was certainly the best part of the trip, for me. For one, I got to put my rusty mandarin to practice.

During dinner the other day, a good friend was lamenting how most of his close friends are flying off to other countries. Yet when I asked him, he said he's staying put in Singapore. Expected of him, he gave a rather rational & logical answer, which is the affordable cost of living, relative to certain developed nations, of course.

Back in Beijing, my colleague kept groaning on the bus about how she hates Singapore. And LKY is the only thing Singapore should be proud about.

Well, I'm not getting into a fight about what's Uniquely Singapore.

When she asked me, what's worth staying in Singapore, my answer - family & friends!

You left out the food, she offered.

Of course :)

One thing G's taught me is that you don't have to travel to see the world and to have an open mind with broad horizons.

Coz it's all in the mind.

Either that or Ian Wright & Lonely Planet.

*cue peculiar yet familiar didgeridoo sounds*

Oh wait, I'm outdated. I believe it's Pilot Guides now.

One thing I've yet to learn is work/life balance. Seems all I know now is work-life balance.

Too bad if you don't get it.

Of course, compared to my peers slogging away in banks & consultancies, I really shouldn't complain.

Life's good.

Ah, home sweet home...

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