Friday, November 19, 2004

For the NUS Food Lovers

List of good foods in NUS (that is, foods that are good to me and subjected to my sense of adventure)

Science Canteen: sliced fish mee sua (great for cold days), yong tau hoo, claypot dishes (beef & tau hoo), ban mian, malay food (rendang is sedap!), chinese food (freshly cooked & high turnover), indian food, Spinelli's coffee, milk tea with less sugar from drinks stall, and fresh waffles from Dilly's

Bizad Canteen: western food (esp. chicken chop), indian food (naan!), dumplings (only available on thu, beware garlic breath), tau huey & blueberry milkshake from dessert & fruits stall, and freshly brewed coffee, fresh sandwiches & piping hot delifrance pastries from toscano's

Engine Canteen: indian food (best indian food on campus)... erm, that's all i've tried and like :)

Arts Canteen: Jap food!

Engine viet cafe ("Trung-something-something"): fresh drip coffee! otherwise food sucks...

NB foods at Fratello's & NUS staff club are not bad, but generally quite pricey.

For al fresco dining on a cool day, Gecko's nice. Food is ok, drinks are cool.

Gee, I'm really gonna miss NUS... Funny that I'm feeling this so long after graduation.

Love the big trees & lush green patches...

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Anonymous said...

you forgot yummy lassi at bizad indian stall! aka the Secret Behind Good Complexion... :)