Monday, November 29, 2004

Last Day @ Work

Funny, I don't remember posting an entry about my 1st day at work.

Had my farewell lunch, did my "lap of honour". Next, the goodbye email of positivity & appreciation - understandably brief becoz of my short 4mth stint here.

It's definitely been a good 4mths of learning about the job, on the job, about working & working with people, & most importantly, about myself. I entered full of hope and enthusiasm, and I am still leaving full of hope and enthusiam.

Though I hardly feel attached to this office, it is with genuine sadness that I leave this place. In moving on, a sense of loss generally ensues. Not to get too sentimental, but I'll miss friends and potential-friends that I've made here.

Sigh... moving on...

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adderwyn said...

What's with the golden hair & looking out of our KITCHEN window pose? bwahahah