Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Of Visions and Visionaries

Imagination is more important than knowledge

Albert Einstein

This morning, I attended NUS' State of the University Address (SOUA) by NUS President, Prof. Shih. He had very aptly made a metaphorical reference to the challenge of establishing base camps and scaling Mt. Everest.

I'm no orator/toast-master but I think his address served its purpose - one of stock-taking & vision-sharing.

And it was thought-provoking in many ways. I wondered why Prof. Shih was so energetic & full of optimism... while juxtaposed against a bureaucracy. But I must admit that this kind of energy is often infectious and compelling - even if one doesn't agree with the given task.

I wondered why organizations need an annual CEO address. And most importantly, I believe, he outlined NUS' collective challenge & how that translated into individual challenges. He painted a vision of scaling greater heights amidst increasingly difficult conditions.

For "without a vision, the people perish".

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