Sunday, November 21, 2004

The Shows We Loved & Still Do

The Austin Powers franchise are all stupid, slapstick, toilet humour comedies.

I loved the 1st 2 installments :)

But 3 was just inane.

Seeing Austin Powers 2 on TV brings back fond memories. Mainly of NS (coz that's when it was screened in SG).

Of course, this is just 1 stupid movie. I'm sure there're lots of other shows that wouldn't capture our attention now as they did many years ago.

Remember Smurfs? Carebears? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

I was watching re-runs of Wonder Woman on TV a while ago. It's quite amusing to spot how they tried to create the illusion of Wonder Woman being super-humanly strong.

It's amazing how much I used to spend on TV, esp. waiting for the late night Top 20 Mandarin MTV's to come on.

Sigh, the shows I used to love...

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Anonymous said...

And My Little Pony!
And Transformers!
And Get Smart!