Thursday, December 16, 2004

Ed Dives In

TGIT, 1 day before friday :)

And yet again, Ed plods along in his lifelong journey of discovery of self and the world around.

Alright, no referring to self in 3rd person perspective.

Yesterday at the swimming pool, I saw this boy - what, 7yo? - swimming alongside me. As I passed him by, he pulled himself through a few strokes of breast stroke.

What an curious sight, I thought to myself. So young, yet swimming rather elegantly.

Of course, he was too small to move fast enough; it must have taken him 50 strokes to swim 1 lap. Yet he was undaunted by the full length of the pool. Instead, persistence saw him through to the other murky end of the pool.

This morning I learnt yet another lesson in workplace smarts. A story for another time, but I've really got to learn to appear less raw & needy for guidance.

And it's the end of yet another lunchtime blog.

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