Sunday, December 19, 2004

I Got No Choice

How often have you heard someone justify his action by saying that he or she has got no choice?

Life consists of a series of choices and then living by the consequences of those choices.

One thing G made me realize is that we all do have a choice, in every single thing that we do.

How we spend our time, our money, our brainpower, our emotions etc.

How we define happiness, how we love people around us, how we choose our friends etc.

Valuing work-life balance over a high-paying job is a choice.

Valuing your family's financial security over personal ambition is a choice.

Yet it's so easy to say, I've got no choice.

1 comment:

Baba Gee said...

Every one get some time to choose among the choices. But few have the power to use that time effectively!