Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Blogs That Never Came

Every once in a while I get struck by ideas for most wonderful & excellent blog posts, usually through some kind of experiential stimulation.

Here's a list of blog ideas:

  • All by Myself - Playing the Horn:
    After attending a series of recitals by the YST Conservatory of Music, I'd so much to say abt my emotions and experiences in making music as a professional amateur (go figure). Particularly, how I veered off the band path and ventured into orchestrael/chamber music. During one recital, an acquaintance played a horn solo with piano. Technically he was definitely there, but his performance lacked soul - guess he was nervous (I've been there). Another time, this Chinese (prodigy?) violinist played a super fast piece - impressive but forgettable. My main point was that playing an instrument solitarily can be a very enjoyable monologue - one of my favourite music is Bach's Cello Suites played by Yoyoma...

  • The Art of French Horn Playing:
    I used to practise so hard during my ACS(I) & ACJC days (to the frequent annoyance of teachers in nearby classrooms/staff offices, once I was politely told off by Prof. Lawrence Chia aka Man of Long Speeches). I was also frequently struck with swollen tonsils. And my desire to play the horn started in primary school with a spark of envy when my best friend switched from the cornet to the quirky yet cool-looking mellophone :)

  • The Great Singapore Commute:
    Every morning I simmering in my quiet anger at: one, the rushing, unseeing, crowd of office-drones that I'm a part of, and the other, at poor urban planning, evident in the bare patch of land where the AMK bus interchange used to be, which will remain bare for quite a few years to come. But once at clementi MRT, as I trudged along with the crowd down the stairs, I suddenly realized the crowd was being waylaid behind a troop of grandmas plodding down the stairs achey-step-by-achey-step in their walking sticks while bemoaning something in cantonese. Instead of getting mad, I was actually quite amused and couldn't help by smile at the thought of being stuck in a Mr. Bean situation (one of the episodes lah).

  • SG Idol Fever:
    Had something clever to say abt William Hung, the anti-idol. And also about why the Idol phenomenon was so interesting: because of how everyone reacts to it, me included.

  • The Me Generation
    Read a seminal yet quite irrevent essay by Tom Wolfe where the term "Me Generation" was born. Even did research abt social trends in collective thought.

There's more but that's it for now, because my bro needs the comp...

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