Thursday, January 13, 2005

Clothes Maketh A Man?

Think most of us could do with a session on personal fashion sense, grooming & deportment any time. Attended 1 today and was most entertained and learned a lot too. You know, how to dress appropriately, how to match colours and clothing items, how to sit, how to tie your hair (for the ladies), how to greet people etc.

As sartorially and socially savvy as we'd all like to think ourselves to be, most of us are sometimes uninformed or even completely misguided! But I'm not going to ramble about about how I've discovered how to project a confident self-image.

Last friday, I went through a day of team-building and I've come to realize that some people, not only trainers, have a knack for sizing people up quickly. And this is mostly through observations of one's behaviour, including what they say and how they say it.

Initially I was surprised when the trainer commented about my personality - that I'm a diplomatic person - without having interacted with me directly. And quite rightly so, as you may gather from the lack of highly personal entries that really reveal my real inner feelings or offensive entries that are politically incorrect on this blog.

But, as accurate as these astuteness-gifted people may be, I believe they view individuals through readily imposing a set of profiles and grouped characteristics after making observations. And this is what enables them to size up people quickly and usually quite accurately. Just look at the various personality tests that categorize people using unique labels. It's just a little unnerving knowing that some can see right to your inner most being.

One interesting topic the image consultant did touch on today was about how compliments build up self-esteem and yet dishing out compliments is incongruous with Singaporean culture. Interestingly, this trainer didn't equate self-esteem to confidence - actually self-esteem is a deep-rooted sense of self and identity that forms a core pillar in a person's personality. And this goes beyond the clothes that one wears or the possessions that one acquires.

Yes, clothes maketh a man, but self-esteem maketh a character.


Ivan said...

so the days of singlet short slippers in nus were a big mistake ya?

Lemming said...

One word, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy...erm...damn, life's hard when all your fingers are on the keyboard!