Thursday, January 20, 2005

Domestic Wilderness

A few days ago, my mom expressed her craving for mushroom soup. Of course, she only did so indirectly by asking me about the ingredients that went into it.

So Ed the filial son cum house-husband-to-be took it upon himself to prepare a sumptuous dinner of Western food for his beloved mother.

The day began with a vague vision of Western food.

Nothing too fancy, I thought to myself, yet a dinner that will certainly satisfy my family.

  1. Creamy Mushroom Soup
    Using with fresh white button mushrooms and pure cream

  2. Panfried Herb Chicken
    With creamy mushroom sauce made with brown button mushrooms, lightly boiled carrot sticks, steamed broccoli with garlic and olive oil dressing and juicy ripe tomatoes

Grocery shopping was enjoyable (somebody say SNAG). But upon discovering the dearth of fresh button mushrooms was NTUC, my emotional rollercoaster went the gamut from disappointment to shame to rage to single-minded determination that drove me onto a mushroom hunt.

'nough said.

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