Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Every week I click around on my friends' blogs and the blogs of their friends too. And I've come to realize one thing about my blog, I hardly get any comments.

Guess that's what I'm missing from the blogosphere huh?

And this brings me to my next question: Is my blog boring?

Don't answer.

But like any other blog, mine is definitely self-indulgent.

I say what I want, put up pictures that I like, feel little bubbles of glee when people actually comment (sad huh?).

Fine, you want a report of today's mundane activities?

I went to work today. Unexciting.

Went to Orchard library. Magazines I want have been taken. There was a talk about maintaining relationships - incidentally there was this attractive girl sitting at one corner. Why on earth is she there, I wonder? I pretend to read recommended books on display but listening to what was being said (sad huh?).

Got bored. Went to Taka food court for dinner with imaginary friend.

Half-heartedly browsed through shop selling streetwear and remembered what friend said about dilemma in deciding to buy work clothes or casual stuff.

Sauntered home... Ah, the life of a single 25yo S'porean male.


Anonymous said...

Well, comments or not, you don;t have to bother about them.

Feel the freedom of writing and expressing oneself on the net. Dun feel restricted by what others have done with their blog but be liberated by what you can do on your own blog!

Ed said...

Don't get me wrong, friend. While comments are encouraging, I don't need them to prop up my self-esteem or sense of purpose in maintaining this blog. Perhaps I should have clarified - it's really an observation on my part that I'm not part of a circle or community of bloggers to whom blogging is a staple practice. So there.

tshush said...

Even if your blog is self-indulgent, you can't fool me... I am sure you pine away for the next comment made on your blog... ok, perhaps not so extreme... but having just started my blog... I realised that comments can sometimes be fuel for blogging. And its precisely cause its a medium for your thoughts in which you want others to see... if not... you would have simply gotten a diary