Monday, February 28, 2005

Frog Boiled Alive

You do know what happens when you boil a live frog, don't you?

Knocking off, I managed to catch a lift home and had a curious conversation about career planning, organizational structure, global economics and life in the public service.

Never mind that my new balding acquaintance readily introduced himself as "strange" and began on a spiel of his career bloopers over the past decade or so.

To cut the story short, his take is that wealth will increase globally but wealth distribution will not improve - the richer get richer while middle classers like me will only have to slog harder.

He likened staying in the civil service to an island surrounded by rising waters and people scrambling to prove their strategic value to remain on the island. Kinda sounds like Survivor meets the Apprentice.

His take? Learn to swim. Even better, go swim in China or India.

1 comment:

Lemming said...

He didn't mention about Australia did he?
But I guess, when he meant swim, he meant...slog somewhere else, but not Singapore?