Friday, February 25, 2005

I Love the Way You Look

Quote of the day: You look like you are from Mindef

Thankfully that remark wasn't directed at me, though the recipient didn't catch it till I repeated it with a chuckle.

Retort: 7 months is enough to get that comment coming

Attended the Spring-organized conference "Best Practices in Customer Service" today. Held at Meritus Mandarin, food and service were expectedly great. Attendance was overwhelming, there must have been 500 people present. But not surprising, given Singapore's positioning as a service hub.

Among the lessons learnt, I've realized that it ain't easy to be a customer service officer (CSO), regardless of which industry you're in, be it F&B, hoteling, healthcare, banking, tourism etc.

As one speaker surmised, customers have unlimited expectations but we have limited resources.

A major thread that ran across the discussions was the concern about motivating and training service staff. Considering how service staff need to be all of immensely knowledgeable about products & services, adeptly skillful, puffed up with pride, and displaying a professional AND amiable AND patient attitude, I think I really look at CSO's in a different light now.

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Lemming said...

*tsk tsk* Looked wat u've donw, those sales reps from best denki and harvey norman are blushing!