Thursday, March 03, 2005

Bukit Merah Cuppa

Every morning I pass by Bukit Merah hawker center & grab my cuppa along the way.

Mind you, it ain't gourmet coffee from the likes of Starbucks or Coffee Bean.

It's way better - coffee's cheap & strong & my local barrista can take any order I throw at him.

My favourite? Kopi si kosong - coffee with non-sweetened evaporated milk & no sugar.

When this caffeine whore first patronized the stall, I was both impressed & amused by the adeptness and meticulousness displayed by the uncle.

Unlike coffee shops that prepare a few gallons of coffee in a big metal dispenser and ultra-efficiently fill each cup under the tap, this stall retains the use of traditional methods of brewing.

His 2 essential tools of the trade: a kettle with a straight long spout & coffee strainers made of cloth.

With a deft jerk of the kettle, our dear uncle, focused & well-experienced, painstakingly fills each cup to the brim while mentally ticking off orders en masse.

"Kopi peng!"

"Teh si!"

"Kopi O!"

"Kopi si siew tai!"


Have a cuppa today, it's only 60 cents after all.


adderwyn said...

better don't die of caffeine poisoning, kopi addict :)

Ivan said...

join me, addicts anonymous...

Lemming said...

I was hooked on coffee from valley pt's starbucks when I was working in the building, it was bitter sweet?