Friday, March 18, 2005

Outward Bound, Inward Leap

Went for an OBS retreat with my office over the past 2 days.

Though some came with apprehension and a few, resignation, the outdoor experience - though brief - certainly exceeded our expectations with what we ta bao (i.e. took away) from it.

And it's been a wonderful chaos of emotions and experiences - so saturated and eventful, it's hard to do complete justice with words.

Essentially, bonding, teamwork and fun were the primary elements. And these were evident in all the positivity, determination and camaderie displayed.

We were laughing, sharing, cheering, encouraging, jeering (in jest), and even crying (women...).

Personally I was amazed at how I tackled towering challenges with hardly a hesitation. Till I was many meters off the ground and momentarily regreting my impulse over cramping muscles.

Another personal lesson: learning to accept differences, be it of capabilities, mind or approach, and learning to be patient yet helpful to others who are weaker.

I'm thankful and glad to be where I am, doing what I do, with the people around.

Mere positivity talking? We'll see :)

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