Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Whimsical... Entertaining... It's Fantasy, After All

Just caught Howl's Moving Castle (2004) by Hayao Miyazaki who also did Spirited Away (2001) which some of us remember fondly.

One word - whimsical.

Quirky characters are introduced in consistent Miyazaki fashion.

Almost like Harry Potter.

Except this time they're set in a pseudo-18th century European time in a fantasy world where magic & wizards & witches & a moving hodge-podge of junk passing as a castle are all accepted as the norm.

Could be a take on Japanese society but friends in sushi land had better confirm this for me.

All's fine as we plod along in this magical adventure that continually leaves us in wonder at the curious turn of events in a plot where magic sets no boundaries.

And of course, spellbound by the beauty of Japanese anime.

My only gripes: the cheesy ending and the gals who kept giggling at cutesy moments.

Perhaps I'm getting old and too cynical for this.

But it certainly was entertaining.

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Anonymous said...

Japanese anime tends to be weak in their endings, as shown again in Howl's moving castle. Why has Sophie turned young again? The curse is lifted due to love or by her unwavering determination.
One can argue this is an open-ended question but this is not typical of Jap anime.

Gals giggling at appointed time is typical of japanese anime no matter what is the background or situation. Bear with it. This is defintiely more to Japanese appeal rather than global appeal.