Monday, March 14, 2005

Woman Stand With Mouth Open

Standing in the sleepy space between 2 MRT carriages this morning, I couldn't help but listen to the ceaseless chinese chatter of this mother talking to her teenage daughter.

"You shouldn't stand here on this piece here. This is the most dangerous part of the train."

She stood short of the small platform connecting the 2 carriages, pointed to it and gestured with conviction. "If the train collides, it will detach and you'll be the first to die."

I blinked while my mind flashbacked to images of train wrecks in the US and in India. Over my Runner's World magazine, I glanced up at her as did others standing around.

"Didn't you know this connects the two carriages?"

Her teenage daughter looked down on the floor and didn't respond. I could only empathize with her hapless embarassment.

"Yeah, this is reported by researchers who study accidents. Oh, did you know? The most dangerous place to be in a car is next to the driver."

Too much trivia about death at 7plus in the morning.

"Because human instinct dictates that the driver will yank the steering and swerve to the right. So you'll die first if you sit beside the driver. The safest seat is in the backseat."

The man standing next to the daughter turned to face away from the duo while the mother continued to expound on on accident-related deaths.

After a while, the teen squatted down on the floor like a prison convict with nowhere to run.

"Why are you squatting down?" She chuckled. "Haiyah, you know ah, Singaporean kids are so funny. They like to sit on the floor."

Her daughter remained silent. I imagined her sulking from the corner of my eye.

"Hey girl, get up."

Glum silence.

"Get up."

The girl gave up her silent protest and obeyed.

I got off at my stop and didn't stay till the end of this drama.

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