Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ed's Mom Thot Scones Are Lousy Cookies

Yes I know, this blog has been found wanting. Haven't had any inspiration to blog, so no blog.

Final Salsa class next week - life will be meaningless then.

Bro's birthday was last sunday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIDDO!

Singapore Intl Film Fest opens tomorrow. Went for a couple of fringe films at Goethe Institut, pretty interesting and surprisingly not that crowded. Great food @ OA Bakery along Kiliney road, possible new hangout :)

Checking out the discussion board, I realized how whiny S'poreans can be (and choosing awful nicks like 'sexyboy'). More significantly, the underlying thread of the arts in S'pore appears in various discussions, from poor ticket sales to poor administration to GV pulling out. But that said, there are people like me who are into film and would support the festival - should be going for at least 3 films with friends. There is an allure in the underground/non-mainstream and screening movies in rickety theaters (just an expectation).

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Anonymous said...

ur random =DD

what did YOUR mom think about scones? =S