Friday, April 22, 2005


Attended a CISCO Systems-organized 2 day conference on network security. T'was a mildly harrowing experience, struggling to breathe in the geeky world of engineer tech-talk.

I've never confessed to being a tech-inclined person, but at least some of my networking knowledge did resurface to help me make sense of concepts like intrusion detection and OOB or acronyms like 802.11g, WEP, WPA, EAP etc.

Amusing quip by one American speaker: when matters arise out of layers 8 & 9, it becomes a whole lot more complex... that is to say, political or leadership.

At 1 point, I was so lost, I wondered if the speaker was speaking at 1000wpm - he being CISCO's marketing director - and whether bespectacled S'poreans clad in polo tees/jeans around me actually understood him.

Well, all in a day's work, as Ed plods along in his pseudo-IT career.

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