Thursday, May 12, 2005


I confess, I've been eating 6 meals a day.

Pre-breakfast today when I wake up consisted of a fruit & a glass of milk. Breakfast was mee siam - got really hungry at 12! Lunch @ 12plus was fish soup with rice, 2 servings of fruit & soya bean (mmmmm... making me hungry again, just thinking about it). Tea break @ 4pm was milo & a red bean steamed bun. Dinner @ 8pm was rice with dishes & 1 serving of fruit.

Golly, does this count as stuffing my face???

Thankfully, Runner's World tells me that studies have shown that people who eat early AND frequently are better at maintaining their weight.

Doesn't explain why I've put on weight tho...

Alright, that was 1 rambly mundane blog...

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