Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Learning IT Service Management the Fun Way

Finally completed the IT Infrastructure Library Foundational course today. If nothing goes wrong, I should pass and get my cert.

T'was an interesting 3 days. The actual content is actually quite dry - come on, who gets excited about terms like IT Service Level Management or Capacity Management??

Fortunately, HP incorporated a Formula1 game to teach us participants about the perils, oops, intricacies of providing IT services. Essentially the deceptively simple game simulated the complex operations of problem reporting and on-the-fly resolution, all of which are happening while 4 cars are "burning rubber". In order to meet the challenge of keeping our drivers in the leading positions, an effective system which demanded different roles and cooperative work.

Needless to say, there was much adrenaline pumping as each race "flagged off" and we scuttled and scurried to resolve each system fault. Most amusing was the 4th race which allowed for infrastructure component mirroring and us being true-blue kiasu Singaporeans invested heavily in alternative servers and concurrent instances of applications.

Experiential learning, as always, is the best way to learn. Or as I articulated in my honours thesis (a little chest-thumping here) - "knowing by doing".

Met some friendly folks from HDB - or could be that IT folks are simply quite casual.

Now, just for laffs...

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