Saturday, May 14, 2005

Mother's Day

It's a lazy saturday morning.

While I sipped my coffee & flipped through the papers, I could hear mom industriously cooking lunch for the 3 other men in her life - that's dad, bro & me.

First, she washes rice to make porridge - yes, we're teochew. Then it's dried tou-fu strips ("tao kee") in dark soya broth. Followed by stir-fried stingray with pungent black dace sauce - this dish proved rather hazardous as wet stingray set off a fierce eruption of boiling hot oil.

Occasionally, she interrupts her cooking with nagging quips at my dad, e.g. "don't anyhow wipe your oily hands, use tissue!"

As the fried smells filled the kitchen even with the windows wide open, I considered fleeing the scene. But oddly, these smells evoke a comfortable feeling of homely belonging.

I love my mother.

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