Saturday, May 28, 2005

Week in Review

My recap of the week just passed:

Sun - After church, caught Revenge of the Sith @ Cineleisure with Darren, Calvin, Irvin (Iv's bro), Heshan & bf. Where do I begin? Irvin's turned out to be a fine young man. Once again, the price of movie tix have gone up. Feel like a real oldie, reading my newspaper while eating @ Subway's. Gee, youngsters look so... young! I wanna be 17 again... The movie was not bad - just don't watch it for the acting. Also, Lucas' tying up of loose ends got pretty incredible & inane at times - we meet Chewbacca, realize how inhumane Obiwan can be & also discover the secret to immortality.

Mon - Went cycling @ Pulau Ubin with Ray, ZH & G. Uber fun! Dashing down dirt tracks, negotiating mud puddles & ZH's utter disappointment at Chek Jawa (I blurted, "What, you expected to see a casino here??"). Ended the day with dinner @ Holland V with cell group mates - coz cell group is splitting. Typical S'porean camera fun. Essential Brew's a nice hangout - try the apple crumble with choc ice-cream! BTW I've put on 4kg since I started work at MINDEF. Sigh...

Tue onw... - Work work work. Was rushing a proposal to be submitted last minute. Busy busy busy - till boss popped in to say that proposal was not needed anymore, only presentation slides. Hmph. Second visit to Jaggi's proved ultra-satisfactory - mmmm, love north indian food. Finally went to The French Stall, near Little India - affordable French food - gotta try the ice-cream profiterole!

Fri - Had a candid session with boss about my performance thus far. Overall favourable, though I think I'm under-achieving. Colleague mentioned that she met a peer who now drives both a Porsche & a beemer - made her question her own achievements. Met Ray, ZH & G for supper of mainly fruits along upper thomson - how healthy is that?? Lured by canto-pop karaoke cum sing-along, we popped into a neighbourhood pub - Starlet - only to be besieged by an over-friendly waitress, eager to befriend us. Quickly fled over to quiet watering hole @ Bishan park instead.

Sat - new cell group. As usual, meeting new people, mostly younger than me & still schooling, yet I feel younger than them. Guess work hasn't taken its toll on me yet.

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