Saturday, June 04, 2005


Another hot & humid morning. The smell of burning incense paper was irritating my sinuses.

Was preparing for a frivolous blog entry about Denise Keller from EFAG when my mobile rang.

It was Alvin - inwardly I groaned.

"You have to pray for me..." His application for insurance got rejected because a preliminary health-check indicated a possibility of kidney failure or cancer. He said he was so affected by the news that yesterday he broke down on the bus ride back home.

Suddenly I felt bad. I tried to encourage him by pointing out that the final test results weren't out yet and then reminded him not to worry. He sounded like he started to sob, but he went on to say how he thinks his busy schedule is taking a toll on him.

"Why don't you take a break tonight," I suggested. Long answer - lotsa things to do. Short answer - trapped by circumstances & choices.

He continued, "I'll come for service tomorrow... since I'm free."

Alvin was calling from the restaurant, so he had to get back to work. After hanging up, Denise Keller didn't look appealing no more.

As the self-explanatory chinese idiom goes, ling2 shi2 bao4 fuo2 jiao3 - last minute hug buddha's leg.

It's human nature, isn't it? To think of God only when things go badly or when disaster strikes.

Ever asked yourself, if God had 1 thing to say to me right now, what would he say? I did.

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