Friday, June 10, 2005

I Scream Island Creamery!

Met up with bro at holland v after work. Both feeling sian, so decided to explore greener (& cheaper) pastures!

And off we were to Serene Centre, at my suggestion of visiting Black Canyon Coffee there, followed by homemade ice cream. Suffering the tropical humidity, we trudged to the back of HV to catch 165. The bus felt awfully stuffy, didn't dampen our spirit one bit... except for our shirts.

Along the way, we continued our usual brotherly banter. It's funny but sometimes I don't feel the 4yr difference in age between the 2 of us - maybe I'm simply immature.

Turns out Black Canyon's a mid-range restaurant serving international thai (read: fusion) cuisine. Went in to explore a cosy sale & rental bookshop instead - for some reason, children's books call out to me, but thankfully they're shrink-wrapped.

Adam road didn't seem too appealing. So off we were to Coronation Plaza instead - bro assured me tt there's food at the top level. Passing by Crown Centre along the way, I reminiscenced about A&W and Il Piccolo (an italian eatery tt used to serve real good lasagne). Also passed by a women's slimming centre (obnoxious bro wanted to go mock the poor ladies) and a couple of pubs.

Then I remembered reading about some eateries at the other side of Coronation and persuaded him to go on further with me. As we passed NTUC @ Coronation, bro commented, "some uncle here might just be the CEO of some company." Didn't see no rich-looking uncle, except for some tai-tai's.

Turned out that the further stretch is filled with atas shops selling organic food and expat-oriented wine places. So back we were to Coronation - inside of which is filled mainly with small businesses, maid agencies, dubious-looking LAN gaming shops with bubble tea signs etc. Discovered a cheap eatery selling western food and bubble tea and at that time, was filled mainly with schoolboys from Hwa Chong & ACS. Hurray, I feel young again! Got there just in time to catch its last orders, the other unfortunate boys had to leave empty-stomached.

After dinner, off to Island Creamery! Had teh tarik ice-cream, bro had mud-pie. Verdict - teh tarik bagus! Mud-pie looked good but too frozen to enjoy. Takeaway from post-dinner conversation: bro wants to run for opposition - you go, bro!

One happy bro and one happy family.

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