Thursday, June 16, 2005

Your Work, My Work

Was buying a bun at Sweet Ring, a traditional bakery @ Bukit Merah central. Love their interpretation of the staid an-pan bun - 3 twirls of red bean paste spilling out from within & it's coffee-flavoured.

Queueing behind an auntie and a family of 3 made me anxious if I was going to be ticked off for coming late for work again.

When it came to the auntie's turn, she glanced from her 3 buns to my lone bun sitting on the greasy aluminum tray.

"You first." Seeing my surprised look, she added, "you working mah, I'm just a housewife, due for more household chores at home."

"Household chores are also work what." I smiled & duly paid for the purchase.

I added "And I end at 6pm, you?"

"I end at 6.30," she said. "After that, it's back home to do household chores lor."

Sensing my puzzlement, she clarified, "6.30AM, I clean offices."

Wow. No wonder we need Mother's Day.

* Conversations translated from mandarin


Shu said...

wow..thanks for linking me up!
i love the pic! Can i use it on my xanga site?

Ed said...

Sure thing, not my pic anyway :P