Monday, July 18, 2005

Ed's Love Affair with...

Morning call came at 8am as instructed. Unfortunately Gaurav was moaning about the cuts he received at Joseph beach yesterday from stepping barefoot on a rock full of sharp oyster remains.

"Looks like you're gonna have to go solo."

And so I did. Took the ferry to Koh Larn island, which I hardly knew anything about except that it's got wonderful beaches. Upon arrival, was swarmed by motorbikers offering taxi rides. Decided to go snorkelling at Koh Larn and what a wonderful idea that turned out to be.

As I entered the water, was at first apprehensive since I was alone and there was no one to look out for me. I imagined headlines saying "S'porean, 25, drowns off Thai island while snorkelling." Spying a translucent thing floating ahead of me, I suspected it to be jellyfish and veered clear.

Soon I spied my first fish and happily I stalked them, till I suddenly realized I was drifting past small clouds of jellyfish! Freaked out, I did. But stung, I was not. Saw a school of fish spawning - yup, was swimming in fish discharge.

Later back on mainland, I decided to take a long walk from the pier to the hotel to save money. Another great bargain that turned out to be when I discovered street-side ice-cream (& glutinous rice) on a cone going for 5bht and a wet market - saw turtles & small eels being sold.

Can't wait to get home to Home Sweet Singapore Home. Wanna wash off the dirt and sleaze.

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