Friday, July 08, 2005


It was after a long meeting yesterday that a colleague first informed me about the London bombings. I wasn't surprised and in light of today's frequent terror attacks, I doubt many are.

On my commute home, it dawned on me that the next logical target could be Singapore because of the IOC. I tried to imagine a series of MRT stations being bombed but couldn't. Perhaps homeland security will step up security measures and lo & behold, when the news last night featured security patrols in the MRT stations.

But en route to work this morning, I didn't see policemen or NS personnel. Before reaching the MRT station, I wondered if they would check everyone's bags, causing a massive queuing delay. Nope.

A hypothetical thought: I suspect that if I was determined enough, it might not be that difficult to blow up a target. And it is simply not practical to beef up security measures to protest every single civilian.


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