Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Pornuchatchat land

Second day in Bangkok, awoke to rain & thunder - not a good sign. Had a lazy morning, breakfast, cheesy horror flick (Freddy meets Jason) on tv and signed up for tour to the famed floating market.

Gaurav's proving to be entertaining company - esp. when he got all excited about McDonald's ice-cream sundae going for 19bht.

Yes, for the record, the hotel provided Strawberry flavoured ones.

Let's hope the rain abates.


Lemming said...

How come the floating market doesn't get swept out to sea? Shouldn't they be targetting the pirates in the region too?

Ed said...

It's on a river located further inland, that's why. Apparently dam building efforts to reduce flooding are threatening these river-side community/commerce way of life.

Speaking from shallow knowledge, seems that early Bangkok grew around rivers. Crossing the river on a ferry's just like taking a bus.