Sunday, July 03, 2005

Weekend Out

Saturday morning: Went swimming with G. Felt weak - perhaps not a good idea to exercise less than 24hrs after donating blood.

Saturday afternoon: After lunch, wanted to visit Le Petit Breton @ Upper Thomson. But Urban's recent publicity must have ramped up its fame - it was fully booked. Instead we went to Longhouse opposite for fruits, coffee & deep-fried favs (i.e. green bean cake & goreng pisang). TRIVIA - Did you know that Longhouse used to be an A&W restaurant with drive-through?

Saturday late afternoon: Cellgroup. Had an informative conversation talking to a member who works as a .NET programmer. She commented tt my job scope sounds pretty interesting and challenging.

Saturday night: Dinner at HV with AC bunch. Not too good choice of location - it being a weekend, most restaurants were quite packed. Settled for Thai Express, as usual, it was water & serviettes aplenty for yours truly to quench the fire. Shiok! Followed by visit to Sandra's sister's rented house at Chip Bee gardens. Apparently she's setting up a home retail business selling retro fashion for women and boy is she into vintage collectibles. Jeff's inspired to setup his own business - er... can't leak his secret out.

Sunday morning: Rushed to church for 9am service. Awfully sleepy but fortunately was perked up by service. Relaxed at JP sipping kopi-O while reading newspapers, had to suffer some 2nd hand smoke tho.

Sunday afternoon: Liza's wedding reception a la AC gathering! Only reason I got invited was because I msg-ed her on icq. The oddest sms Ben received just before as we reached Fajar LRT - "we managed to get a table". Liz looked quite different decked out in bridal gear. Oddly, was quite excited about attending my 1st malay wedding. Food was great esp. the mutton rendang and the atmosphere buzzing (even got a DJ to "spin" a mix of love songs and malay tunes, some faintly recognizable). The table, intended for 6, got increasingly crowded as more arrived. Finally culminated in a group photo. Nazrina offered her own wedding in a year's time :)

Sunday late afternoon: Tea @ The Tea Party. Just chilling. Jeff's been switching the conversation topics to domestic ones, i.e. home furnishing and audio systems.

Sunday evening: Dinner @ home. Was watching Spielberg's AI. Funny, I remember this show being non-inspiring. But think I appreciate its premise a lot more - simplistically put, that humanity is programmable. Most touching scene: when David's mommy said, "I love you." Everybody wants to be loved.

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