Saturday, August 13, 2005


Went for a run at the Botanics after cell group today. Since I've never driven there before, navigating there took both a bit of mental visualising and also some effort at staying calm.

Originally planned to change inside the car in the carpark, but saw that human traffic was too high and decided to avoid any potentially embarassing situations. Odd that a lot of indians were visiting - were they all frequent patrons of Les Amis, I thought to myself.

Daylight was already waning when I started my virgin discovery jog. Was crowdless except for picnicking families, strolling couples and other joggers.

My thoughts while jogging?

Big dog, hope he doesn't bite. Hmm, if he started chasing me, what would the owner do? Recall incident of woman mauled to death by pit bulls.

Oh, going uphill now, gotta pump it up. Ahh... nice breeze peppered with floral fragrance.

Oh, downhill - go easy, watch those knees. Hmm, real dark now, what if I faint & collapse, will anyone discover me?

Wonder where this path leads, let's find out. Alamak, slow woman ahead running in middle of narrow path. Prepare to be overtaken.

As I squeeze by her, she shifts to the left and utters, "Oh, sorry about that." Didn't reply.

Nice voice though, v. intelligent sounding. Terribly un-runner-savvy berms tho. Maybe I should have acknowledged her apology. Well, too bad now, she's way behind.

Plod plod...

Oh, here she is again. Maybe I should talk to her. Wonder how old she is, maybe she's married. Oh, she's gone by a different path now. Oh well.

Ended the 34min run with the usual cooling down stretches. Saw people gathering at the visitors' centre, thought I spied an Indian couple garbed in traditional wedding gear. That explains.

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