Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Happy National Day

After my morning jog, I flicked the radio on to hear Glenn Ong & FD praising the NDP. Couldn't believe my ears for a moment, till barely 2 sentences later, Ong started dissing the NDP as being staid & boring. Later as I entered the lift at my office tower, I heard Joe Augustin & Maggie commenting how slowly the performers were twirling their fire-tipped sticks.

Here's my response to them: Enough already, just enjoy the parade for what it's worth, like the rest of us S'poreans.

I honestly did feel proud and happy while watching the parade, that I'm so blessed to be living in a prosperous country and that my future's bright and beckoning.

Ong & FD did invite listeners to call in with their comments and Ong asked 1 good question, "If you could, what would you change about the NDP?" And that's food for thought.

The torch relay turned to be a flag relay and the 2km flag-off run felt like an extended sprint. Got worried when the mayor of the constituency started lagging behind, but no one said anything. Was an interesting experience, though nothing spectacular.

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