Sunday, September 18, 2005

Binging on a Quiet Mid-Autumn's Night

Was a bit down today, but surprisingly, felt much better after a 24min easy run. Sometimes I wish I could just run away... I truly believe that one should not allow inner emotions to determine his state of mind, but it's easier said than done. Perhaps am feeling down because I had to spend some time this weekend on work stuff.

A quiet mid-autumn fest I had this year. No big bang celebrations like the last few years. At least I had my fill of mooncakes. Visited grandparents last night though, at least my teochew's a little bit better now. Was nice just to see them anyway.

Crave north indian food, esp. masala tea. Speaking of food, read 2 articles about food today. One in the Sunday Times talks about how processed food is so pervasive in our everyday lives that it's quite impossible to avoid eating anything that's processed. While I've passed from my asparagus phase to a tomato one - the latter needs little or no cooking, my latest discovery is using chappati as wraps. You can easily get it from NTUC & it takes only 15seconds to zap.

The other article from NYTimes talks about different perspectives on man's insatiable hunger, from anthropological studies to how the human body efficiently absorbs nutrients from food to hunger disease studies done by Jewish doctors living in the Warsaw ghetto.

True enough, sometimes I find my mind severely distracted by greedy thoughts of food. Sure, in Singapore, we really love eating; in Bangkok/Pattaya, Gaurav was amused by the numerous pics I took of food. I find myself getting prosperous from eating. Food, food, food, we just can't live without it.

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