Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Look Ma, No Plaque

Just visited the dentist - for the 1st time in quite a while. As I was lying there, being attended to by the doctor and his assistant, it felt oddly surreal, like a scene out of a TV show.

First the prodding & general check-up and doc commented on the condition of my teeth and how tartar leads to plaque. This was followed by scaling - the screeching-high frequency of his mini drill bit meeting enamel while doc worked hard to free my teeth of plaque. Not only do you hear it, but you feel it too. And all the while, the assistant constantly peers from above to remove saliva.

Just as I thought he was about done, doc pointed out 2 molars which are showing initial signs of decay. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, because I dutifully brush & floss everyday. Perhaps it's time to invest in mouthwash. No biggie, he said (not in these words though), just need to patch it up with a protective layer to prevent further decay.

For the next 10minutes, instrument after instrument were put into my poor gaping mouth, including one that emits a curious blue light to harden the protective layer and a red plastic sheet to bite on.

After doc was done, I very much wanted him to explain every procedure he had put me through. But figured I'd might as well do my own research on the internet.

The first thing I did upon exiting his room was to admire my freshly cleaned teeth in the lobby mirror. Oh, teeth are definitely looking good and plaque free!

Now I can't stop tonguing the back of my lower teeth.


Anonymous said...

Did they have TV on the ceiling which you can watch while in a reclining position?

Ed said...

Nope, only a clock. It's a small clinic in the heartland of Bukit Merah.