Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ode to the Flu Bug

Waking in the middle of the night,
My throat parched & sore.
Oh how I thirst.
But swallowing, my face crinkles with discomfort.
A glass of water later,
I throw myself back in bed.

My morning alarm goes off.
Feeling woozy, I decide to take the day off.
Off to the doctor's, I go.
Half an hour,
I'm staring blankly into space.
One hour,
I'm staring angrily at the receptionist.
One hour & a half,
I'm looking at my receipt of $34.

Mmmm... Duck porridge, my childhood fav food.
Fantastic Four's on TV - starring Dare Devil,
ain't so fantastic to me anymore.
Head feels like a choked toilet pipe,
yellow discharge aflowing.

Three pills I pop,
on the bed I flop.
Awakened an hour later
by the screams of children running amok on the void deck.
I stay on the 10th floor, mind you.
Mom answers door,
greeted by salesman touting new-wonder-rubbish-chute-thingamajig.

My bum reluctantly leaves the bed,
stuff myself with a sandwich & milk.
Mom nags as usual,
too much heaty food right?

No, I protest,
it's my colleague's flu bug.
She changes tack,
how come resistance so low?
Thought you always go run?
Mind shuts out the rest...

Papers, papers, news, news...
Coffee & mee chiam kueh!
Mom nags,
heaty ah.

Flicking my laptop on,
children from school across
crooning malay children's day song.

To MSN, I go,
"Ed Battles Flu Bug with Tissue and Prayer"

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