Sunday, September 04, 2005

Running Log 040905

Took part in the 2nd Mizuno Run 2005 & ran 10km.

Timing: 47m30s

Not bad for someone who hasn't been training seriously but not good enough. 1st 5km was comfortably fast (about 20min), but ran out of gas for the next 5km. Finishing slope going up Serangoon rd into Kovan Hub was a real killer.

Click for enlarged route map

Well, at least I broke in my new Mizuno shoes, Wave Atlantis. Haha! Left me a small blister on the arch & barely blistering toes of my left foot.

Thought I saw some familiar faces around at the run, probably guys I saw around during NS days. Once again, I reiterate the 1 benefit of NS - discovering the love of running.

Up next - Stanchart Half-marathon! Woohoo!

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Anonymous said...

...and yet...the pants get tighter... *snigger*