Tuesday, September 27, 2005


It's ironic. One day I remark to my colleague tt I seldom fall sick because I take vitamins, the next day I awake with a sore throat & the sniffles. The same thing happened in my previous job about a year ago.

Partly another colleague's fault for bringing the flu bug upon us, also because I'd to stay up late to rush some work. Oh yes, me is breaking the civil servant mould.

Attended today a conference organized by BEA systems on the topic of SOA. A hodge-podge of bland presentations - the deputy CTO was reading off the slides. At least the food at Pan Pacific was good - esp. the mixed salad of what I think is Rocket, Alfalfa & some veggie tt was small but spicy. Mmmm...

Met a couple of cellgroup friends & one of their sisters for dinner. Had a nice chat, a most whacky sister my friend has. While hitching a lift back, was most amused when friend's sister suggested having Jamie Cullum take on "I Get a Kick Out of You" as the bridal walk-in song (she's getting married soon) & started grooving & snapping in lindy hop fashion.

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