Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Beginning of Birthday Blues

For my birthday, my mom's extorting me for a treat to shark's fin.

Let's go celebrate your birthday, she suddenly blurted.

Ok, sure. The usual wrangling to find a dinner slot where everyone's free & willing ensued.

My birthday, so your treat right, I parried.

No, the birthday boy supposed to treat what. Eh, let's go for shark's fin lah. Only $25 a bowl per person. Never mind, we can order 2 bowls and share.

She grinned, wrinkles & all.


It's got cartillage, she added, good for the knees.

Alamak, first pummel with birthday obligations, next corner with the filial piety card - she knows tt I know she's got leg problems.

She's great, isn't she? Love you, mom.


Carol said...

Happy Birthday again!!

Ed said...

Thanks! :)