Saturday, October 29, 2005

Friday Blues

Was the last to leave work today - you know when the email's down for maintenance, tt no one's expecting you to still be in office.

At least got to satisfy myself with McChicken Fold-over, didn't win a trip to Bangkok though. But the ad's pretty funny: a Thai lady goes "Sir, this one normally 200baht, but for you special, 100baht. Cheap cheap."

Met ZS & M for drinks at Acid Bar & got to know some people - friend's friend, you know. A place tt has live acoustic music is always a great place, esp. when a mean somebody requests for Bohemian Rhapsody into the 3rd/4th set. Broke out laughing when singer/guitar duo starting bashing their way through the song. But the crowd, singing along, was pretty supportive. The rendition brought the longest round of applause too.

Possible alternative career: Singer in pub - but's gotta be smoke-free.


Shu said...

oh, so the fun things only started after i left huh..

Ed said...

Oh yeah, & M couldn't stop talking to the gal opposite him :)