Sunday, October 30, 2005

Melaka Day 1: Simple Pleasures

7.10am Woken up by phone alarm. Supposed to reach Kovan by 7.45, so no time for breakfast. Mad rush to wash up, finally hop into cab at 7.40. G calls to hurry - she sounds pissed.

8am Last 2 to board the bus. At least I manage to grab Sunday Times just before bus departs. And we're off! G's still fuming tho. At least I can catch up on my bible reading.

8plus Arrive at 2nd link at Tuas - my virgin trip leh *blush* Awfully quiet tho.

9am We're in Johor! Woohoo! Gee, I sound positively deprived. Pretty hungry but decide to sleep it off. Am reminded by NYTimes article about the basal, irrepressible nature of man's hunger.

10plus 20min pitstop at Taman Lucky Gardens. FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD! But too sleepy to really eat, so grab buns & kopi instead.

12plus Arrive at Melaka Sentral, the less-than-2yo air-conditioned bus terminal. As we proceed to collect our tickets for the return trip, we spy some familiar fastfood restaurants. I remark to G, "When was the last time you saw an A&W?"

1plus Check-in at Century Mahkota Hotel into a simple no-frills apartment but too warm for our pampered butts. Instead we opt for an upgrade... AIR-CON *sigh of content* Turns out to be the right decision because it really was quite warm over there.

2plus Wandering around, searching for lunch. Streets are rather quiet, guess it's sunday. Settle for decent looking cafe serving chinese food. So begins the 1st of stuffing sessions - G's in ectasy over sambal seafood fried rice. Food's spicy but shiok - as usual, sweat like anything. A caucasian couple lunches there too, wonder if they know what they're in for - practically the entire menu's spicy.

After lunch, discover tt next door's a pet shop with many interesting pets. For one, they had 2 hyper-oodle poodles, taking turns to zip around the shop after the owner took them out of their cages - must be awfully eager to be brought home.

3plus Make our way to Mahkota Parade nearby, it's the biggest shopping complex there. G finally satiates her craving for Mac's Vanilla Milkshake, now extinct in S'pore.

6plus Back to hotel. I decide to go for a run at the gym's treadmill. For 30min, I avoid making eyes with a buxomy ang-moh poster-girl on the wall in front of the treadmill.

8plus Headed to the weekend bazaar along Jonker Walk. Oh, joy! Assorted dim sum, chendol, pineapple tarts... Craved nyonya laksa but by the time we got hungry, the shops were already closing. Many interesting shops around, including 1 with a lingzhi showroom & another selling coffins. Eventually settled for Chinese-style foot massage to appease our tired legs, 2 Chinese chaps from Shenyang who massaged us expressed their amazement at how the locals can master so many languages & dialects.

11pm 2 contented sleepyheads head back for beauty sleep.

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