Saturday, November 19, 2005


Gently awoken by the sensation of cool drool against my cheek. *slurp*

Flipping over to a dry spot, I could hear the muffled drilling from a nearby construction site above the soft humming of the air-conditioning. Tried to will myself to sleep but my mind protested - it's time to get up. Checked the time - 1359hrs - and chuckled for I had set my alarm for 1400hrs.

As I peeled the covers off, echoes of last night's overnight prayer meeting still buzzed in my head. "Heavenly Father Lord, thank you for a wonderful night," I muttered.

Lurched to the kitchen for morning hydration ritual of 2 cups of lukewarm water. Looked out the window and realized it was raining lightly. After closing the windows, plonked down onto the sofa to see dad snoozing in front of the tv. My stomach beckoned for sustenance. After rummaging in the kitchen, failed to find decent food, so decided to buy lunch from the market nearby.

As I strolled past the void deck of the block next to mine, I spied a Chinese funeral going on. Besides the usual setup, an elaborate altar was setup on the green, complete with pictures of at least 4 deities and a paper car and mansion meant for the departed to enjoy in Hades. Must be a rich family, I thought.

Lunch consisted of soya bean drink (60c), shredded chicken yellow noodles ($2) and some pastries ($1.70). Wanted hor fun instead of yellow noodle, but made no fuss about it. "Both can fill the tummy," I told the apologetic auntie. BTW I love S'pore food, did I ever tell you that?

While I read the papers and enjoyed my salty tau sar pia, mom asked me for help with her mock english exam. Yes, Ed the home-school engrish tuition teacher. You see, mom was chinese-educated and at sec 2, was learning "A for apple, B for boy..." She never got to complete her O levels because being the eldest daughter, she had to help out at home and girls weren't expected to be well-educated.

Alright, enough of lazy saturday rambling.

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